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Testimony Pictures

Hi Shelley,

It was great to speak to you, can't wait to come to the Extravaganza. Here's two pics of Dakota now at almost 10 months.

He just gets more handsome as time passes, and it does pass so quickly.

He's still wonderful with everyone he meets. Friends of ours have a stable of horses and he got to meet them for the first time about 2 weeks ago. He became friendly with a horse named "Jack-Pot" and every time we go to visit if you ask him "where's Jack-Pot?" he immediately goes to the paddock and plays with him through the fence! He's just so smart! Sorry to sound redundant but Dakota is the best thing that ever happened to Nina and me and we can't thank you enough. See you at the shore!                                            

Love Always,

Leo, Nina & Dakota

Dakota at 10 months!

Hello Shelley,

Here is the beauty queen, she is growing very quickly.  As you can see Argus and Shilo have bonded,  they play very well together. 


Shilo at 10 weeks

Shilo and Argus

Hi Shelley,

Hope you and your family are doing well. Boris is doing very well. He now weighs almost 50lbs., and his appetite for play and food knows no bounds!

All the Best,

Sean, Claire and Boris

Boris at almost 4 months of age

Hi Shelley,

We think this photo demonstrates Harley's typical let's play attitude and zest for life. . .

Thanks again!

Arnelle and Ronald

Harley at play!

Hi Shelley,

Sampson is coming up on his first birthday and I finally got around to using my digital camera. He looks just like his dad. We just love him so much he is a perfect dog. He has been in obedience training since about the day we got him and is excelling much faster than the other dogs( clicker training). Some times I think he is a little too smart for his own good. please excuse the picture with me in it I had just got up after only three hours sleep after working a twelve hour night shift. Just to get an idea of his size I'm 6'5".


Sampson at 11 months!

Hi Shelley,

I just wanted to give you an update on Raiden. He's doing just great. His personality is amazing and he's growing like a weed!

I'll send you some additional pictures I took of Raiden yesterday.
Please let me know if you don't receive them.


Raiden 12 weeks!

Raiden 12 weeks old and Jett, adult German Shepherd.

Hi Shelley,

Konig passed his HIT (Herding Instinct Test) with flying colors.  We are extremely pleased with him!


Konig 12 months!

Hi Shelley,

It was so nice to visit with you on Saturday.  Toby as you can see is doing wonderfully.  We couldn't be more happy!

Take care and see you again soon, we hope...!


Toby at 10 months!

Hi Shelley,

As you can see, Dakota is doing just fine. He's 8 months now and doing fantastic at obedience school, the trainer is very impressed with him.  He definitely loves his "mommy", actually he loves just about everybody. He draws attention everywhere we take him. People can't believe his size and that he's still a puppy. He's a wonderful companion, time and again we can't thank you enough. Keep in touch.          

Love Always,

Leo, Nina & Dakota

Dakota at 8 months!

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