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Testimony Pictures
Hi Shelley!

Thanks again for Thunder!


Uncle Fred's Thunder at 9 months!

Hi Shelley,

Grant and Stacey up here in the cold northwest of Canada we just love Thunder to death he is such a good friend to both of us, we have never seen a shepherd that loves to cuddle as much as he does whom I  might add thinks he is a lap dog.  We have just finished going through basic obedience with some basic agility at the super-dog spectrum. Our trainer Lori absolutely loves Thunder and has asked us if we would be interested in training Thunder for the big screen movies that are shot up here in the mountains.  Lori feels for being as young as he is that he is a very intelligent dog. Here is a picture of him at about 11 months.

Thanks and hope you like the picture!

Grant and Stacey

Thunder at 11 months!

Hi Shelley,
Here are Oso and Bear.  Both are great in their own special way, they play rough, but than cuddle and fall asleep.  Thank you again for your care and for the most beautiful dogs in the world. We'll keep you up to date on their progress.
Roni and Laura 

Oso (plush coat) and Bear (long coat)!


Thank you again for the beautiful girl! She is everything I expected and more!.Here is a picture of her and Bear. I'll send you more photos as they come along!!


Boulder Sky and Bracha!

Dear Shelley,

Here is my Beautiful Frankie.  I just got her back after a month of advanced training.  Actually she is writing this letter.  She is so smart it's scary.  My life has improved 100% since getting her.  I LOVE THIS DOG!!  Thank you again!!


Frankie at 8 months!

Hi Shelley,

Thought you would enjoy. Sally Bear has become a breathtaking beauty.  I took this picture in the pasture tonight trying to catch the evening sun. You can see in this photo, she is truely amazing.   Seb is my love, taller and growing again this month, he weighs now about 120 and Sally about 108.  Bobby and I love them more then I can say.  

Hope all is well with your family too!

All the best,


Sally Bear!

Seb and Sally Bear!

 Dear Shelley:

We've finally gotten pictures of Dakota and we think this is his best shot. He's turning into quite a handsome boy. He's lovable, always playful, gets along with everybody (people and other animals) and is quite a character! He's so intelligent, he already learned sit, lay-down, cookie (gotta spell that around him) and goes to the door when he needs to go out. We're bringing him to puppy school in a week or so to fine tune his abilities. He's a people magnet, everyone we meet wants to know what kind of Shepherd he is. Nina and I can't thank you enough for giving us such an incredible canine. He's already a great companion and a wonderful addition to our lives. We'll send more pictures as time goes by.                                                                                     

Again, Thank You!
 Leo & Nina



Koenig is super smart, sound, handsome, big. . . we are really pleased with his development.  The trainers are really impressed.


Koenig at 7 months!

Hi Shelley,

I hope you are doing well. J Here is a picture of Sasha at 7 ½ wks old. She is a sweetheart and getting so big! J She weighs 17 lbs now and is getting along fantastic with our children and other dog. We are amazed at how smart she is at such an early age. She takes everything in stride and doesn’t let anything bother her. We have never met a dog like her! J This picture doesn’t truly show just how beautiful she really is. Everyone loves her and thinks that she looks like a big bear cub. Thank you for such a sweet puppy we love her. I’ll send more pictures as she grows up. J

Thank you! Best wishes to you and your family.

The Manning’s

Sasha at 7 1/2 weeks of age!

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