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Testimony Pictures
Hi Shelley,

Joey is gorgeous, we have become quite the team, we won over each others hearts.  Thank you so much for your patience, excellence and professional ways...
We will be in touch
J'ai and Joey

Joey Girl at 10 weeks!

Hi Shelley:
Frankie is a wonderful shepherd.  Sweet, passive, cooperative, gentle, loving and a happy dog.  Burt got very lucky.  She doesn't cry, complain nor demand.  She definitely is not the "alpha" dog.  She plays so gently with my 55 pound golden, of which she now weighs more than.  She turned out to be the perfect dog for Burt.  She is so calm!!
I adore her sweetness.  She  is  very happy, and  very spoiled with love and STEAKS.
Have a great holiday week-end.
Shelly (Burt's friend)
p.s. hope the photo does her justice

Burt's Frankie at 5 months of age!

Hi Shelley!

How are you? We are doing fine. Toby is great, he weighs 35 pounds now, and is very sweet...everyone in the family loves him.  He spent the weekend at our daughter's and he had two playmates besides our grandchildren. She has a Westie and a full grown German Shepherd and they all got along great! We picked him up on Sunday evening. She told me both dogs slept all day Monday!  They keep telling us how smart he is.

I hope all is well.



Toby at 12 weeks!

Dear Shelley,

Here are some pictures of Frankie.  She is Ten times more than I expected!  I want to thank you and thank you for having this breed of dog.  They are the Ferrari of Dogs!!


Frankie at 8 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

Attached are a couple of pictures of Annie at just over 3 months.  I'll need to send you some more up to date photos, as these hardly resemble the five month old Annie taht we are enjoying at this time.  She is much darker now, having lost most of her lighter markings and, of course, is much larger as well.  To say that she is beautiful would be an understatement.

Besides being incredibly strong and agile, Annie is a very smart and happy puppy.  she has a great personality and believed that everyone she meets is going to make a big deal over her.  For the most part, she is right.  She attracts a lot of attention wherever we go.

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job breeding such beautiful, well adjusted dogs.

Best Wishes,


Annie at 12 weeks!

Annie at 12 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

Little baby girl is doing great-such a sweet personality, eating like a horse.  She is soooooo smart.  Already leaving it, sitting and coming so eagerly.  We are working on down and stand too whenever we think of it throughout the day.  Thought I would send this photo along, isn't she adorable??  9 weeks old.

Talk to you soon.


Wendy's pup 9 weeks!

Dear Shelley,

I just wanted to let you know that Biko has arrived safely in the Netherlands. He is very playful, hasn't stopped playing and 'being happy' since he came out of the airline kennel.

At arrival in Amsterdam, it took a while before the customs procedures were cleared and import duties were an unpleasant surprise, but for the rest, things went perfect.

On the way over to JFK, I had him sitting next to me in front of the passenger seat and he was very well behaved. Every time I stopped he would get up to attract attention, but while driving he would cuddle up in a corner.

Anna thinks he is gorgeous ...., so I may get a lot less attention going forward. I will send you pictures frequently to show his progress.

Thanks again for your flexibility yesterday.

Warm regards,


Biko 9 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

We did great with Toby last night.  He actually has not had an accident in the house yet!  He signals when he wants to go out already.  He slept through the night.  Armand is having a ball with him.  He really needed a dog again in his life, I mean I did too of course... however I can see Armand needed a buddy.

Having retired and all that emotion that I know he experienced (men don't say much but we know, don't we?) Toby is really perfect timing.  Thanks so much for all you have done to help us.  He is the perfect dog.

Have a great day.


Toby at 9 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

I finally acquired a digital camera and am sending you some photos of Grizzly, so you can see how handsome he is.



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