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Testimony Pictures

Hi Shelley,

We just wanted to thank you for being so gracious to us on Sunday at the show. You made two novices (not counting Matthew) very much welcome. 

Also, send our best to your boys and your Mom. By the way, please let your Mom know that my Mother-in-law remembers "Spry" for baking but doesn't have the recipe for icing that was on the can. Sorry about that.

Lastly, we were wondering if you were planning on attending the Quaker Classic in Allentown, PA the weekend of 10/26-10/27? We really enjoyed ourselves last week and are interested in attending more shows in the future. We would enjoy spending more time with you and the dogs (plus I'm getting first-hand knowledge about Kings and the mechanics of the shows).

Thanks Again for everything and hope to see you in the future,

Mike & Deirdre  


Hi Shelley,

Just wanted to give you an update on the pup. He is now fully acclimated to our home. He is a riot, definitely a type "A" personality. He is completely fearless around people, large dogs, almost anything, except the six pound mini poodle next door. She barks at him and he runs for cover. He attended the 4th of July parade and was very calm, not at all frightened or jumpy around large groups or loud noises. We have started some basic obedience training and he has pretty much mastered the commands: sit, shake, stay, and come. We are now working on the down command and meeting a bit more resistance. We have signed up for a formal training class which begins in a couple weeks. Housebreaking is going well, he will now usually go to the door when he has to go outside. We still keep a close watch on him. The pup has been officially named "Grizzly Dog" by the kids. Due to his look and personality, the name fits quite well. Grizz had a vet appointment earlier this week and was pronounced in perfect health.  Grizz has been traveling to my office with me on days when nobody will be at home, and is quite the hit with everyone in the office. I have a new digital camera and will send some photos once I figure out how to download, etc. We are very pleased, thanks for the great pup. -


P.S. I forgot how much fun puppy chewing can be, ouch!

Hi Shelley,
All is great. Pax is a terrific little Guy in all respects.  He has the routine down very well and consistently shows a loving nature. He's extremely smart and has learned how much fun it is to learn. At times he is an old ham.  I Love him so much!
PS: He is developing physically - beyond all my expectations!

Pax at 8 weeks!
Dear Shelley,

Here are a few photos of Innish.  She loves to show herself, is very eager to learn and will do most things on a few tries.  She adores the kids.  We love her!


Innish and one of her charges.  27" 100 pounds at 12 months of age.

Innish in the snow!


Duke is a really good boy! Playful, Loving and Protective.  He is my favorite.  His hips came back great.  An OFA Good!  Let me know when the next show is.



T5 (long coat), Duke (plush coat) and their Siberian "sister".

Hi Shelley

. .  .Sally knows come, sit, she is walking good on the leash, down for about 2 seconds, go nite nite with her teddy, she is very smart and learns fast. I have her signed up for puppy school when she is 4 months.


Sally at 12 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

The big guy is doing great and growing like a weed!  He had his first vet visit on 4/13/02 and weighed 24 pounds.  The vet said he was in great shape (no worms) and called him "handsome" about a dozen times.  He is a very happy fellow and loves to meet new people.  He hasn't met a human he doesn't like.  His next vet appointment is for May 11th.  I am attaching 3 photos I took this morning.

The Hubbles

Trooper at 8 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you
just how wonderful Houston is.  He is the best
puppy/dog we have ever had!  Smart, loyal, playful yet
not aggressive, getting  BIG.  We were expecting to go
through "the puppy stage", we are still waiting.  He
is excellent in the house, he does not chew on
anything except his toys, does not cry/bark when left
alone, sleeps on his beds, and is good with the cats
and horses.  And boy does he love water!  He sees the
hose and just goes crazy jumping in it and playing.
He goes swimming in the pool almost daily!

He just turned 5 months and is weighing in at 73lbs,
as of last week.  He is beautiful!  Everywhere we go,
people are always asking about him.

Thank you!

The Aldridge family

Also wanted to let you know he is also a excellent
guard dog.  At such a young age I did not expect it.
But just yesterday we had some workers over in the
backyard.  I let Houston out and it is a good thing
there was a gate protecting them.  It is really the
first time I had heard him bark/growl, and he did not
sound like a puppy!  He is the best!
Hi Shelley,

Buca is doing GREAT!. . . .   My Mom and Dad love her and think that she is BEAUTIFUL!


Buca at 8 weeks!

Buca at 8 weeks!

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