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Testimony Pictures
Hello Shelley,
I hope that you and the family are well. Just wanted to say hello and to let you know that Porsha is fine and will be 11 mths. She is really a doll ( my pride and joy) and is now 90lbs and I noticing is becoming more protective...which we like.
Best Regards,
Dear Shelley,
Here is a picture of our Cider Girl at 7 months, weighing in at 80lbs.  She is big and beautiful!  I can't say enough about the breed to anyone that is interested.  Cider is smart, loving, and loyal!  We can't thank you enough for her.
Colleen & Michael

Cider - 7 months 80 pounds!

Hi Shelley,

Here is some pictures of  Sarge! He is doing well and has lot of energy to burn. He is wrestling a lot with the other dog and loves to go for walks in the woods.  Janet went to the vet last Saturday and he weighs 43 pounds, and the vet said that he looks good!  Thanks!


Sarge playing in the sand!

Hi Shelley-

Today, Crockett entered an area of my backyard which she was unfamiliar with.  Although my entire backyard is fenced in, she didn't respond to my command "come". I told Brutus "go find Crockett". He looked at me ... kinda perplexed... I repeated..."Go find Crockett." Ripleys believe it or not... he found her, gave her gentle nips, enough to annoy her, she came back to the inner perimeter. Welcome to Geriatric dogs.
OK.... Brutus is as loving and bright as I shall ever see in any 4 legged friend. He's a REAL friend. For that I thank Jackie and you.... heartfelt thanks.  I believe I heard you say that Brutus has a sister. Yes?  Shelley, I don't want pups. Too old for that. I DO want a match to Brutus... my god.... he's SOOOOO great.   Any thoughts?


Hi Shelley,

I feel so fortunate that I stumbled upon the King Shepherd breed. Willow is a wonderful pet (especially with the children), very smart and my faithful walking companion. She loves being around people (and our cat who, by the way, never takes an interest in playing back) and getting lots of attention.  We all love her very much! 


I know it has been said many times before but it is worth repeating~ I am very proud to be a King owner and one is definitely not enough!!!! We all anxiously await the day that Willow has her litters so that we can expand our King family.

Thank you Shelley for all the support you've given us and for being such a wonderful person and breeder!!!!!!

The Vidal Family 

5 month old Willow taking an All-Breed Puppy Best in Show.

A beautiful Ch. Bustah daughter.


Hi Shell,

Xena is doing absolutely wonderful.  She is big, beautiful and great with the kids.  She is truly the "Queen of the neighborhood"!


Ch. Xena Queen of the Kingdom, an 18 month old, 115 pound Ch. Bustah daughter, finished her championship with a Best of Breed from the classes and a group placement!

Hi Shelley,

Warrior and Shandari are doing great.  They are such wonderful dogs!


Shandari at 9 months and Warrior at 7 months!

Hi Shelley,
Just wanted to send these pics of Maximus, our ears are up, and we weigh 28#s at 3mos. I've had 5 Shepherds, but none like this one, he is so active, what a great dog.  Mary and I can't thank you enough, for finding him for us. His markings are just what we wanted. Take care and we will keep you updated on him.
 Joe & Mary


Hi Shelley,
      Just a note to keep you up to date on Maximus, I took him to the vet, for his check up, he is perfect, my vet says he a BIG strong healthy shepherd. I enclosed a couple of pics of him.  4 1/2 months, and he weighs 50lbs. He is super active, and demands our attention all the time. Thanks again Shelley, we just love him so much. Take care and we will write again soon.

Maximus at 3 months of age!


Nika is doing great.  She is pretty, behaves well and is a very good dog.


Ch. ptd. Nika at 4 months of age taking an All Breed Puppy Best in Show!  A beautiful Ch. Bustah daughter.

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