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Testimony Pictures
Hi Shelley,

  The big guy is doing fine, VERY active. So far he is everything we could want in a shepherd, he is already going up and down the steps, under supervision. We now have puppy toys from one end of the house to the other.  We are working on his teething, but he is getting better! He goes right in his pen at night and doesn't fuss until morning. I enclosed a couple of pics I took of him with our granddaughter. He is also very vocal when he wants to do something that we don't necessarily want him to do! Thanks Shelley for a really super pup. We will keep you up to date on how he is doing. Take care.

Joe & Mary

Maximus and friend!

Hi Shelley,

Just wanted to let you know things are going very well with Mishka.  As a matter of fact, I have been asked by my obedience trainer to become one of her assistants!  I am pretty excited about it.  We haven't started because she is getting a new facility in town.  So, come July Mishka and I will be a dog training team.  I hope things are going well with you.


Mishka at 14 months of age, with her pal Sacha!

Shelley -

These are the latest pics of Chloe - taken on her 3 month birthday (5/1)- she weighed 32 lbs in the pic - 40 lbs. last Thurs. You can almost see her get bigger.  She's doing great!  The black peke is her "sister" Sadie.

Monday was her 3rd puppy class. She's doing good. I'd say she's one of the top students in the class. She loves going, she really loves being with the other puppies, and we love it.  I love watching her and the other pups.  It's great.

Take care -


Lobo was a big hit in class last night, no one believes me that he is only 6 months!  They also love his personality and wanted to know all about the breed! I'm so proud!  Just thought you would like to know!




Dear Shelley,

Xena is a wonderful addition to my family.  She is the best dog that I ever had.  She is super smart, wonderful with the kids, has an outstanding temperament, is so big, yet is so loving.

I'll talk with you soon.



Xena, 102 lbs at 10 months of age, is a beautiful Bustah Daughter.

Xena with "her boys"!

Dear Shelley,

Here are a few pictures of Clyde.  Sorry it took so long.  He is fifteen months and is wonderful.  Very good with the children and farm animals.  I was injured on a young horse so I have five more weeks and I'll be out of my wheelchair so I can weigh and measure him again.  He is at least 28" at the shoulder and over 130 lbs.  Since my injury he has stuck to me like glue, he senses my injury and has become much more watchful around the farm.  He must have more growing to do because his hind end is taller than his shoulders.  Hopefully when he levels out he will be 30".  We are thinking about a girlfriend for him.  I would wait for your largest female to be bred say to Thunder or Ceasarhaus.  I will call in about a week and see what you think.


Clyde at 15 months - at least 28" and 130 pounds!


Zoe out in her first snowfall. Unfortunately it is may 3rd! It was hard to get a picture she did not sit still out there for long! Hope all is well for you , we are having a ball.

Take care, Karen

Zoe, posing in the snow!


Cider is doing so well.  She is absolutely wonderful.  We love her so much. 

Thank you for this wonderful puppy!

Colleen and Michael


Hello Shelley,

I trust that all is well. We just got our new toy (digital camera) so as promised attached are our first pictures of Porsha. As you can see, she is growing and doing quite well. She saw the vet last week and got her final shots...and I might add is a real hit amongst the veterinarian staff. As of the visit she weighs 47lbs and is becoming all that you said she would. Well that's all for now...more news and photo's at 11 (smile) looking forward to seeing you at the pool party.

Best Regards,

Ernie & Harriet


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