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Testimony Pictures
Hi Shelley...
    Our little baby is great!!!!  We have named him ASH....the name reminds us of his great coloration.  He was wonderful on the trip home....he slept most of the way, we couldn't believe it.  He is wonderful, gentle and super smart.  He is almost house-broken already.  We just love him.  Thank you again for everything.  We'll send you some photos as soon as we get them developed.
    Quick question....for his registration name, should we end the name with 'Bruin'?
Talk to you soon.....Greg, Jean, Max, Maggie and Ash
Hi Shelley,

Hope all is well. Just thought we'd bring you up to date on the pup. He is perfectly healthy and growing like crazy, about fifty some pounds  at this very moment. He, Steiner that is, is absolutely gorgeous. He's very reddish with markings on his chest and tail and some black starting to show on his back. See pictures, they're taken at 10 weeks. He's now going to puppy kindergarten and we are all learning a lot. The course is thru Petsmart and held in the store, in the dog food isle, strange I thought, but it will do. We are extremely happy with this dog, so far he is everything I'd hoped for, and then some.  That's all for now, let me know if you got the
pictures. Thanks.


Hi Shelley,
Just a little update........ Willow has settled in nicely to her new home.  She is extremely playful. She is doing very well with the crating and sleeps soundly at night unless she has to go out.  She was checked out by the vet last week and got the "thumbs up!" She's due for more shots the end of the month. We are using a wonderful traveling vet which is so convenient.  Well the kids are up from napping so I have to go.  I will try to get the puppy film developed this week so that I can send you some pictures for your web site.

Pam :)
Dear Shelley,

Sebastian is doing great. He is very special Shelly and has a wonderful temperament. I love him.  He is absolutely the best puppy. Thank you for doing such a great job.

My son Tyler and I took turns staying with him last night on the kitchen floor.  This morning we did introductions with my Old Shepherd Bo and Boxer Sami. Bo and he are perfect together!
Bo is gentle and they really "recognize" each other and the breed relationship.  They go in and out of the house together now and Seb is doing his business outside very, very well for the first day!!!
Hope everything went good with the new litter! I didn't sleep last night and I am positive you probably never do.
Take care and thank you for all your hard work it is much appreciated!
Talk to you soon, I know Ill have more questions.

Sebastian with his friend Bo at 12 weeks of age!


Just a quick note to let you know that the puppy' name is Innish and is doing great.  She loves to play, is very good with my baby which makes me happy.  My family just adores her and she adores them.  She is getting big, her weight on March 1st was 33 pounds.  Ears are good, coloring is getting darker all the time.  Her temperament is just Beautiful!  I sure it will carry on.

Take care,


Hi Shelley...
    We visited Steve and his awesome King puppy!!!!  Steve mentioned you said our King puppy has been born......we are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it true?  We really love the Steve's puppy....he is so good, gentle, smart etc......we really can't to you soon....
Hi Shelley!

. . .Bianca's back is now even with the top of our dining table.  The table is 27" tall.  That was Elsa's (the leonberger) height at a year, but King's grow more quickly I think.  She is only 80 pounds --very thin-- but is starting to fill in a little.  She just shot up so quickly.  Her coloring looks much like Dara on your web site. . .I have to inspect her every couple of days to see what is different!  I will tell you this one thing. . .she grows more beautiful by the day.  It is truly astonishing and I am so very grateful to you.  I can't wait for you to see her again- -maybe the Spring Specialty.

Bianca is the first dog we have had with erect ears.  had no idea how much that influences a dog's expression.  I could go through a whole role of film every time I talk to her as she swivels her ears and cocks her head to one side and then the other.  I have also never had a dog that watches my face so intently.  Elsa or Cerri (or any of the other dogs I have had) will raise the back of the ear, to bring the ear leather forward, and their eyes follow me; But Bianca's whole body seems to come to attention when I talk to her.   And the face and head are just incredible.  You can see the intelligence radiating from her.

I still love and adore my Leo girls. . .that won't ever change.  But I can't be exclusive anymore.  I am so glad that I tried the King, because it definitely seems that there can be more than one breed for me.  Thanks again! and enjoy the pictures.  I'll send more as I get them.


Bianca at 9 months

Bianca with Santa!

Dear Shelley,

Thank you for the beautiful card of your family at Christmas - hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Here are pictures of our boy Zeus.  As you can see he has taken over my husband's chair and watches TV with us!  My brother and his family were up from Florida for Christmas and fell in love with Zeus.  Just couldn't believe how big and sweet he was!  My parents were also here and my dad is not in the best health.  While Zeus would rough-house with everyone else, he just stood next to my dad to be petted.  It's amazing how they sense those things.  I am working with him to become a service dog to visit hospitals and nursing homes etc.  He's 10 months old and weighs 115 pounds!  

Thank you again for sharing such a wonderful breed of dog with us.  He's the best!  Congrats to Bustah on his being published!


The Hobart's

Zeus Hobart - 115 pounds at 10 months of age!


We are moving and of course taking our wonderful King, Caesare' with us.  He has become a joy in our lives. . . .Thank you for the Xmas card and when we have settled, we will send you a photo of Caesare'.

Stay in Touch.

Grace and Stu

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