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Testimony Pictures

It's been a while since we've been in touch, but I wanted to drop you a line.  Attached you will find a couple of snapshots of Teddy..
The other "animal" is a stuffed dog given to us for Christmas by our grandchildren.

Teddy is much loved and an excellent companion.  He is far better looking than his photos - a handsome guy indeed.  His faults are few . . . he's GREAT.

In another year or two we'll be ready for younger brother, in the meantime - he is still a handful!

Thank you again for a great dog!

Gina (and Roy) from St. Louis

PS - Thanks for the Christmas Cards!

Here are a couple of pictures taken the same day she went to the vet. She is weighing in at 32.4. She is doing great!

PS anxious to see Warrior!


Shadari is doing wonderfully.  She fits in well with all of the other dogs and holds her own in play.  We are so very pleased with your choice of her for our household!  We can not wait to receive Warrior.  We are so excited.


12 week old Shandari, playing tug of war with her and 8 month old German Shepherd "male-friend"!  Her feet and bone are just about as large as his!

Shelley and family,

Sorry we haven't been in touch.  Lucy is GREAT - she's my little girl. 109 pounds.  We love her as does Bob's son Bobby.  She's our pride and joy.  Hope all is well.

Laura, Bob, Bobby and Lucy


Dear Shelley,

Piper is a truly wonderful dog and companion and we love her to death!  She is perfect and beautiful in every way.  She graduated from her obedience class and was definitely a favorite in the class!

We simply can't thank you enough for picking Piper out for us.  She has filled our lives with love, devotion laughter and pleasure.  Perhaps we will bring her up for a visit some day.  Thanks again!

Elizabeth, Rob and Piper!

Elizabeth, Rob and Piper!

Hi, Shelley!

Niko is doing great!  At 29 inches and 125lbs it's hard to believe he's not even two yet!  I'm constantly getting compliments on his size and beauty.   
I happened to make "the" Shiloh show in Brookville this spring just to watch.  While there were a few "big" Shilohs (probably in the 125 range) the majority were under sized and NONE had the nice broad heads like our Kings. 
Certainly made me proud to be a King owner!! 


Niko at 1 1/2 years of age!

Dear Shelly,

I am going to try but words may fail me regarding the love and adoration we feel for our King Shepherd, Cleopatra.  She is an absolute sweetheart; we love her personality and her mellowness.  And I've never seen a more beautiful dog-she is everything we want in a canine companion.

We tell anyone and everyone about you and your dogs and try to convert them to the King Shepherd.  I exclaim in amazement still about the size of Bustah and Thunder.

I know one day we will want another dog; maybe a male.  We will send you a picture of Cleo as soon as we have one.  She has gotten huge-she looks like an adult but acts like a puppy.  She has stuffed animals and chew toys all over the house.  She is a major cuddler.  She loves to sleep with an article of our clothing.  One day I was getting dressed and she took the pants right out of my hands, brought it to her "nest" and lay right on top of them.  We just couldn't have gotten a prettier dog.  She has a black wavy coat on top and lots of soft tan on her chest and stomach.

Our daughter took Cleo to puppy kindergarten and now they are doing postgraduate work together.  We are considering training her as a therapy dog to take to nursing homes and hospitals.  It seems Cleo loves all of us equally.  I can't imagine life without her.

We can't wait until we see you again!




Dara is just perfect!  She's beautiful, big and such a sweet dog.  She was just x-rayed for Penn Hip and her hips came back excellent, in the 90 percentile!  I am so excited.  She is now as you know an American King Shepherd Club Champion as well as an American Rare Breed Association Champion and has her CGC title.  

Thank you for this wonderful dog!


Dara winning Best of Opposite Sex at our fall Specialty!


. . .Nemesis is just a dream.  She is so intelligent it boogles my mind!  She's rugged, beautiful and absolutely huge!  She's an unbelievable puppy!

Gus and Cheryn

Ch. Nemesis, at four months of age, taking an All Breed Best Puppy in Show!  A glamorous Ch. Bustah daughter.

Dearest Shelley,

I am finally on line yeah.   We don't have a scanner yet so I can't send any pictures but, Athena is our pride and joy.  No one can believe  how big she's gotten but,  I can after seeing Thunder and Bustah and wondering if we would have enough home to fit a king in.  We do in fact we've considered getting another one.  I'm not sure we want to go through the puppy stage again though.
Thank you for the Christmas card.  By the way who is my dogs twin with the shorter snot in the picture with your precious new young en's?  Keep in touch.  Thanks so for making us very proud parents.
Fondly,  Melissa and Kevin

Athena with Melissa and Kevin

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