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Testimony Pictures

Hi Shelley,

Well it's been a while since we sent a recent picture of Dakota. Here he is at 2yrs. 4 months and still growing. This was at the Fall Extravaganza 2005, He's such a "momma's boy"!  Yeah, but he loves his "daddy" too. Nina and I have such a good time at the shows. We enjoy being with everyone and also seeing all the new faces and puppies that are adding to "the family".  We look forward to the next time we meet. Dakota is our Champion but he is our "buddy" first and always. Thank you Shelley once again for such a beautiful friend and companion.                                                                                                                 

Leo & Nina

Dakota and Mom!

Hi Shelley,

Winter is coming, it is snowing and Kona likes it. ( as I write this to you he is out in the snow rolling around ) He is the best dog ever, smart and full of love.

All the best.

Ralf & Maryanne

Kona at 5 months old!

Hi Shelley,

Jake is doing Great!  Thought you may like to see some pictures of the Kangaroo!


8 month old Jake !

8 month old Jake and his Kangaroo!

Hi Shelley,

I can't believe that Kona is now a little over a year old! He continues to be such a great animal and I can't go anywhere without people commenting on how handsome he is and wanting to know all about him.
Kona is quite an ambassador for the Kings.

Kona is so bonded with Josh it's amazing. We were hiking up in the White Mountains of NH this summer and went up to Lonesome Lake. Josh got Kona into the water but he wasn't crazy about swimming and preferred to stand on the rocks by the shore; however, when Josh swam out into the lake Kona got more and more agitated the further Josh got from the shore. He finally couldn't stand it any more and jumped in, swam out to Josh and "escorted" him back to shore. Josh got out and said, "Mom, Kona loves me so much he overcame his fear of water and came out to get me." I was truly amazed at Kona's devotion.

We continued taking Kona up to an assisted living facility this summer as the residents there just love him. He's very gentle with everyone and gets lots of oohs and aahs when I put him through his paces and have him do some of his tricks - the "high five" always gets a cheer. We'll continue to visit this facility as part of Josh's community service dog therapy program at school. Josh and two friends will be handling the dogs which include Kona, Morgan (our Belgian Shepherd) and Sari (a chihuahua). Talk about a contrast in sizes!

Kona and Morgan joined us for a camping trip this summer in Vermont. We stayed at a park situated right along a river with access to hiking trails, one of which led up to a 125 foot waterfall. The pups adjusted to camp life right away and we all had a fantastic time. Kona looks like a wolf when he lopes along the trails - his easy gait is a joy to watch.

As you can see, Kona continues to be a fantastic addition to our family. We continue to work hard with his training and socialization and he is blossoming into a truly spectacular animal.

We send warm greetings to you and your family.

All our best,
Jean, Jeff & Josh

Josh and 12 month old Kona!

Josh and 12 month old Kona!

Hi Shelley,

Well here is Thumper. I told you he was handsome. He is outstanding.  Stay in touch.



9 year old Thumper!

Hi Shelley,

We purchased one of your puppies one year ago . Harley is a beautiful dog. we are thinking of getting one more . Do you have litters around march ? Thanks 


9 month old Harley!

Hi Shelley,

I hope this note finds you and your family in good health and spirits.  We are all doing well, especially Dakota.  He is awesome, with out a doubt the best dog we could have wished for.  We will be looking for a female very soon and thought of you first.

Take Care



Hi Shelley,

I just wanted to send you some new pictures of Judah. As you know on the 22nd of this month he will be 1 year old. He has been going to training classes and the instructor is so impressed with him that she gave me the name and number of another trainer that teaches search and rescue. She feels that due to the fact that he is so intelligent and learns so quick that he would do really well in that too. I am not sure I will be going that way with him but it was a nice complement if nothing else.

Take care!



Hi Shelley,
Here are a few shots from May of our babies.  Don't think you've seen these before.  They are gorgeous!  Thanks for your time on the phone tonight.
Have a great week! 

Kari and Eric

Bruno at 12 months!

Bella at 12 months!

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