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Testimony Pictures
Hi Shelley,
Here he is in all of his glory.  I have been meaning to email you and tell what a great 10 month old Desi has become.  We took him to the vet Saturday for a distemper booster and he weighed in at 110.4 pounds.  We have been religious about his supplements and so forth and he has become pals with Luci and Ricky. You may recall we have 5 1/2 acres so he is getting plenty of exercise.  In the next few days I will be sure to take a couple of digitals for you.  He has the traditional black and tan coloring and is as friendly a dog as can be.  We have an invisible fence (he learned fast) but our neighbors do not so their mutts come over onto our land.  Luci is in charge (of everything) but particularly our turf so she taught Desi to chase the intruders away.  He has a very funny howling "woo-woo" sound that doesn't seem to go with his buffalo body.

Best Regards, 


Desi at 10 months!

Hi Shelley
I hope you and your family are doing well. I wanted to send you a recent shot of the "boys". Grizzly is going on 3 years and Kodiak just turned six months. On his six month birthday Kodiak weighed 80 pounds and is about 26 inches at the shoulder. In your experience how does this project out or compare to some of your dogs? Kodiak is a great pup. He has a wonderful, fun, temperament and we are really enjoying him. He has completed his puppy obedience class and is now in an intermediate class.

Grizzly and Kodiak at 6 months!

Hi Shelley,

I wanted to tell you a few things about Odin. I have never before had a Shepherd like him. Odin is by nature very gentle, enthusiastic, and protective. He uses his paws a lot to communicate. For example, if he thinks you are feeling sad, he will come up to you, place his paw on your lap and just look at you. Sometimes he will then lay his head down on your lap (keep in mind he is still sitting on the floor).

My son practices Chinese Martial Arts 4-5 hours a day. He has often "worked out " with Odin. Apparently Odin has learned to "fake him out". Odin pretends he will move in one direction and purposely moves in another. My son has taken videos of him and it is really incredible.

Whatever breeding brought about his temperament is awesome. My neighbor said he was the most obedient Shepherd she has ever seen.  My son helped me to send this picture of Odin.  He turned 3 in February.



Dear Shelley,
Here are photos of "Leroy".  The first two of the attached pictures were taken at four months, while the "bamboo stick" is in the jaws of our five-month beloved puppy.

Leroy at 4 months!

Hi Shelley,

Here's some pics of your "grandson" Niko in action.  These pics were taken today, as I took both him & AJ out for some FUN in the snow!  Enjoy & I hope to see you again in 05!!!

Scott & Niko 

Niko in the snow!

Hi Shelley,

Big Joe is truly an amazing animal!


Big Joe!

Good Evening Shelley,
First & foremost, it was delightful speaking with you yesterday.  You know, not only do I enjoy our time talking dogs, shows, etc., I so much enjoy the revelations of family, life & everyday banter. 
The King family has been a great source of camaraderie for me, it serves to purpose to be there when they are at their strongest, no?  Your expert advice on how to make little Orion a star was clear & concise, yet very compassionate, Shelley.  Thank you.  I am an ol' softy for the little man & I really want to give him what he deserves.  I am not too much into heavy competition, just want him to experience finishing, having some fun, doing the best that he can.  It would sure be great to share that with all of you..  Thank you again for the opportunity to belong.   I also think he would LOVE the ocean on a beautiful spring day.  So, guess you'll see us there.  Thanks again for your advice & always being there to help.
Kathy & Orion

Angel and five month old Orion!

Hi Shelley,

As you can see, Sabre loves the snow.  He digs in with his head and slides it along :-) !



Sabre and the snow!


Thanks for talking about Xena the other day, and I am eager to place my name on the list for an eligible male.  Also interested in a good tempered but extremely good guard dog. The breed is nice because the Kings aren't barkers but let you know if someone is there. Our Xena is almost too good natured as she loves to wage her tail at anyone going by!

Anyway, I look forward on hearing from you.

Thanks again


Xena taking a snooze!
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