Chateau de Chief King Shepherds

A King Shepherd resembles a large German Shepherd Dog. The breed was originally developed on the East Coast using American bred German Shepherds, crossed to flock guardians, which were then crossed with European bred German Shepherd dogs. The intent was to develop a superior family companion and protector that was capable of performing a wide variety of working duties ranging from police service, to guide dogs, to search and rescue dogs. The original breeders also wanted to produce a dog which was free of the many health and temperament problems, which has been affecting German Shepherd Dogs.


Welcome to the King Shepherd Web Site! This site has been developed to introduce and provide more information about the King Shepherd breed. The King Shepherd Dog is large, rugged, powerful and impressive, possessing great endurance and agility. These wonderful dogs were selectively bred to be large, loyal and loving family companions and protectors. Despite their size, they are remarkably athletic, having incredible ability and endurance. They are also extremely intelligent and easy to train. While Kings can be protective, they are nonetheless quite gentle and loving with their families and friends. King Shepherds are very handsome dogs that turn heads wherever they are seen. The owners of this fantastic breed tend to be fiercely loyal to their breed of choice. INTRODUCING THE AVAILABILITY OF THE "ELITE-SELECT PUPPY" - FOR THOSE DISTINGUISHED INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES WITH IMPECCABLE TASTE, THAT DESIRE THE FINEST OF QUALITY. Imagine picking up your huge, healthy, beautiful, Elite-Select puppy, who is already OBEDIENCE TRAINED, HOUSEBROKEN and CRATE TRAINED! Contact Shelley@kingshepherd.com or (703) 737-3813 for more information and availability.

King Shepherd Rescue

Although it doesn't happen often, sometimes there is a King Shepherd that is available for placement into a loving home.

Bill Stanton on Good Morning America

Bill "Wild Bill" Stanton appearing on Good Morning America.


Ch. Chateau De Chief's Bishop, owned By Bill Stanton - A gorgeous son of Ch. Bustah Bruin.

Bill Stanton featured in New York Magazine

Bill "Wild Bill" Stantonfeatured in and on the cover of the NEW YORK Magazine.

Kristi & Johnny Cash Featured in Dialogue with Life & Dog

Kristi Schiller featured in LIFE+DOG Magazine, with the exceedingly handsome Chateau De Chief's Johnny Cash and her two Cavaliers



Johnny Cash's Rose Bowl Parade Float

KK, John, Sinclair and Johnny Cash (the real Johnny Cash and his 22 foot replica!) in the Rose Bowl Parade with their K9s4COPS float!



K9s4COPs is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit founded in 2010 by Kristi Schiller.  Their mission is a foundation dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement K9 Units across the nation.  They envision safe communities and schools patrolled by law enforcement with highly trained K9s ready for action.  They believe that a lack of funds should not be the obstacle for any agency working to keep our streets safe.  They seek to become the portal of resources and support for law enforcement K9 Units in need.

To assist in their mission please DONATE at http://k9s4cops.org/donate  Contact them @ info@k9s4COPs.com or (713) 523-COPS!


Puppies available soon

PUPPIES AVAILABLE SOON! Contact Shelley@kingshepherd.com - (703) 737-3813.

Kristi, Johnny Cash & Clifford

Kristi with 2 year old 140 pound Chateau De Chief's Johnny Cash and 3 year old 22 pound Clifford

Sinclair with Johnny Cash

Kristi's daughter Sinclair at Halloween - (Little Red Riding Hood) and four month old Johnny Cash (The Big Bad Wolf), who looks after her and the family like a Navy Seal!

Johnny Cash - 18 months

Kristi's Johnny Cash - 18 months of age, owned by John and Kristi Schiller, guarding "his" child, Sinclair, by the waterside.

Johnny Cash on Schiller's plane

Kristi's Johnny Cash, taking a ride on the family plane.

Mike Fernandez, Oso and Lobo Featured in Induldge Magazine

Oso & Lobo relaxing in France with Family

Chateau De Chief's Oso and Chateau De Chief's Lobo, absolutely stunning boys, relaxing poolside, during a family vacation in France.

Coltrane winning a Best in Show

BIS, BISS Ch. Chateau De Chief's Coltrane, CDa, MHIT, a handsome, top winning male, owned by Jacob and Deborah Fernandez.

Coltrane leaping for water

BIS, BISS Ch. Chateau De Chief's Coltrane, CDa, MHIT, leaping for water, with owner Deborah Fernandez.