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Multiple All Breed Best in Show, Multiple National Specialty Best in Show, Multiple All Breed High in Trial, Supreme Grand Monarch, Supreme Obedience Victor Ch. Chateau De Chief's Bustah Bruin, CGC, TT, CD, HIT, Penn Hip - 156 pounds.  The Top Winning and Top Producing King Shepherd in the History of the Breed!  Bred and owned by George and Shelley Watts-Cross, Chateau De Chief King Shepherds.

Chateau De Chief King Shepherds are the only King Shepherds recommended by Frmr NBC TODAY Show, ABC Good Morning America Safety/Security Consultant BILL STANTON.  

Bill "Wild Bill" Stanton appearing on Good Morning America.

As quoted by Bill Stanton: "Shelley has created and nurtured a breed of dog from a place of love and intelligence.  My Bishop has all the qualities I need for a companion and protector for myself and loved ones.  Loyal, Independent, Smart and I dare say, a sense of Humor.  Shelley's King's are KING".

Bishop "looking out to sea"
Ch. Chateau De Chief's Bishop, owned By Bill Stanton - A gorgeous son of Ch. Bustah Bruin.
Bill New Yorker
Bill "Wild Bill" Stanton featured in and on the cover of the NEW YORK Magazine.

Kristi Schiller,
Wife, Mom, Philanthropist states:
"I founded K-9 4 Cops ( to match the perfect dog with the best Cop. Shelley has done the same in the private sector. My daughter and family are my true treasures and what better to watch over that treasure than a King. I'm a proud Texan and in Texas we say, Cash Is KING! ....and my boy Cash, really is

KK and Johnny Cash Dog & Life magazine Cover

Kristi Schiller
featured in LIFE+DOG Magazine, with the exceedingly handsome Chateau De Chief's Johnny Cash and her two Cavaliers.
KK, Cash and the Rose Bowl Parade

KK, John, Sinclair and Johnny Cash (the real Johnny Cash and his 22 foot replica!) in the Rose Bowl Parade with their K9s4COPS float! 


K9s4COPs is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit founded in 2010 by Kristi Schiller.  Their mission is a foundation dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement K9 Units across the nation.  They envision safe communities and schools patrolled by law enforcement with highly trained K9s ready for action.  They believe that a lack of funds should not be the obstacle for any agency working to keep our streets safe.  They seek to become the portal of resources and support for law enforcement K9 Units in need.

To assist in their mission please DONATE at  Contact them @ or (713) 523-COPS!
kk and Cash

Kristi with 2 year old 140 pound Chateau De Chief's Johnny Cash and 3 year old 22 pound Clifford.

Cash and Sinclair

Kristi's daughter Sinclair at Halloween - (Little Red Riding Hood) and four month old Johnny Cash (The Big Bad Wolf), who looks after her and the family like a Navy Seal!

Johnny Cash 18 months

Kristi's Johnny Cash - 18 months of age, owned by John and Kristi Schiller, guarding "his" child, Sinclair, by the waterside.

KK's Cash and their plane

Kristi's Johnny Cash, taking a ride on the family plane.

Mike Fernandez, Chairman, CEO quotes: “After a long flight the boys relax with Constance by the poolside. Lobo (2) and Oso (3) never leave our side. At 130 and 140 pounds respectively they have "command presence". When not with an immediate family member, these boys are never far and always looking out for us. Little do they know is that we are always looking out for them. Life is about creating memories and Shelley's boys are part of our home, in the air, or anywhere”.

Oco and Lobo

Chateau De Chief's Oso and Chateau De Chief's Lobo, absolutely stunning boys, relaxing poolside, during a family vacation in France.


Ch. Fergie

BISS, Ch. Chateau De Chief's Fergie, CDa, MHIT, a beautiful, top winning female, owned by Dr. and Mrs. Claybrook.

Ch. Coltrane
BIS, BISS Ch. Chateau De Chief's Coltrane, CDa, MHIT, a handsome, top winning male, owned by Jacob and Deborah Fernandez.
Ch. Coltrane leaping
BIS, BISS Ch. Chateau De Chief's Coltrane, CDa, MHIT, leaping for water, with owner Deborah Fernandez.

Bruin snow

Ch. Chateau De Chief's Bruin

Diesel 6 months

Diesel - 6 months 102 pounds!
Lothar 6 months

Lothar at 6 months 106 pounds!

Bruin pup 8 weeksBruin pup 8 weeksBruin pup 8 weeks


Bruin pup 16 weeks


Bruin skye 12 week male with 6 foot 2 inch owner

CH. BRUIN PUP AT 12 WEEKS with 6 Foot 2 inch owner!

PUPPIES AVAILABLE SOON!  Additional information can be found on the Puppies page, under "Upcoming Litters".

Contact or     (703) 737-3813.

BISS, Res. Gr. Mon Ch. Chateau De Chief's Dakota of Chien Royale and his mom Nina!  Dakota is owned by Lee Binetti and Nina Zummo and is a grandson of MBIS, MBISS, Sup. Gr. Mon., Sup. Obed. Vctr. Ch. Chateau De Chief's Bustah Bruin, CD, CGC, ROM, (pictured above).

Welcome to the King Shepherd Web Site! This site has been developed to introduce and provide more information about the King Shepherd breed. The King Shepherd Dog is large, rugged, powerful and impressive, possessing great endurance and agility. These wonderful dogs were selectively bred to be large, loyal and loving family companions and protectors. Despite their size, they are remarkably athletic, having incredible ability and endurance. They are also extremely intelligent and easy to train. While Kings can be protective, they are nonetheless quite gentle and loving with their families and friends. King Shepherds are very handsome dogs that turn heads wherever they are seen. The owners of this fantastic breed tend to be fiercely loyal to their breed of choice. 


Imagine picking up your huge, healthy, beautiful, Elite-Select puppy, who is already OBEDIENCE TRAINED, HOUSEBROKEN and CRATE TRAINED!  Contact or (703) 737-3813 for more information and availability.

An example of the exquisite breed type, sound structure, tremendous size, trainability and appearance of an "Elite Select Puppy" ("Ozzie") at four months of age and approximately 68 pounds.

Ch. Ozzie

MBISS Ch. Chateau De Chief's Ozzie, CGC, pictured above at 4 months and pictured here at 2.5 years  of age and approximately 132 pounds.  "Ozzie" is a grandson of MBIS, MBISS, Sup. Gr. Mon., Sup. Obed. Vctr. Ch. Chateau De Chief's Bustah Bruin, CD, CGC, ROM, (pictured above).


Chateau De Chief is an American King Shepherd Club (AKSC) Recommended Breeder.

The AKSC continues to forge ahead to improve and support the King Shepherd breed.  The AKSC will not support any King Shepherd breeder who knowingly and consistently has "accidental breedings", regardless of their past status as a member or Board Member of the AKSC;  and furthermore will not support any breeder who knowingly and actively supports a King shepherd puppymill.

*NOTICE - The AKSC considers the King Shepherd breed to be a work in progress (in development for improvement by the AKSC Recommended Breeders).  The AKSC will not condone or be responsible for puppies/dogs acquired from individuals who have been dismissed (removed, discharged) from all AKSC privileges and who additionally mislead by stating " choice, we are not a member of nor a breeder recognized by the AKSC..."

A sound breeding program should be developed with mentors; those who have years of experience and extensive knowledge on the particular breed, behind them.  A breeding program SHOULD NOT begin with minimal knowledge on the dogs, their background, and their conformation. Breeding is definitely not a "sport" that should be based on a whim.

Chateau De Chief cautions potential owners of King Shepherds from purchasing Kings from "so-called breeders" who

  • are not American King Shepherd Club (AKSC) Recommended Breeders or AKSC Recommended Member Breeders
  • are unethical breeders
  • do not support the King Shepherd Breed or the American King Shepherd Club
  • breed inferior specimens of the breed, i.e. faulty structure, head types and temperaments
  • do not breed to improve the King Shepherd, breed just for profit
  • breed two King Shepherds together just because they have access to two King Shepherds with no regard to type, temperament, soundness and size

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