Hi Shelley,  

Sorry it has taken so long to get you some photos of Porscha.  The end of the school year was very busy for the kids and as well our new addition to the family has kept us going steady.

She has really started to settle down and the play biting is not as bad.  It is always in a playful manner and not intended to harm anyone.  We just know to bring a chewy toy along when we want to sit with her!!  Her ears are both up and she looks beautiful.  She also loves the water and enjoys her walks on the sandbars at the beach - she is a natural swimmer too!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



Porscha at 10 weeks!

Nina & Leo

Hi Shelley,

Here he is at 1 year and all 113 pounds of him. He's at those "teenage" years, testing his boundaries and his "parents" but overall he still listens ( when he wants to )!! Ya gotta love him, he's more attached than ever now and still is kind and gentle with every person or animal he meets. And yes, he's still the center of attention wherever we go. ( I gotta come back in my next life as one of these guys!! Ha! )

Hope all is well and thank you for everything and all you've done, we couldn't have raised him without you.

Love Always, Nina,

Leo & Dakota


Dakota at 12 months!


Hi Shelley,

Charlie is on the left and Cassie on the right. Charlie is not even 7 months old and is is huge!  He like Cassie never takes his eyes off of the kids!



Cassie & Charlie!


Hi Shelley,

Tehya is now 8 months old and she is is absolutely a ball full of love. In addition, she is smart, playful, beautiful and friendly towards everybody and everything. I can't imagine owning any other breed at this point.



Tehya at 8 months!


Hi Shelley,

How are you?  The big guy is bigger than ever. Looks totally different. At least 50 % tan. The "sable" is much more noticable. Well-behaved most of the time.  Yes, your in initial evaluation holds true, he has excellent ball-drive.  Loves to play.

If there's anything you need to know about his progress, feel free to ask.




Nini at 5 months!

Gwen & Dave

Hi Shelley, I thought you might like to see one of the newest of Sasha. She just turned one this month. She is a beauty and is getting so big. :) We love her and couldn't be happier with her. :)

Best wishes to you and your family,

Gwen & Dave :)


Sasha at 11 months!

The Mozells (1)

Good morning Shelley!

Just wanted to tell you how adorable our little Kings are!  We just love them!!!  They just love each other too - so happy to have each other.  It was a good decision to have two; they sleep together and follow each other around everywhere. 

Our thanks for such beautiful babies!  And all your help and suggestions are much appreciated!

Puppy hugs,

The Mozells


Bruno & Bella at 9 weeks!