Hi Shelley,

Here's some pics of your "grandson" Niko in action.  These pics were taken today, as I took both him & AJ out for some FUN in the snow!  Enjoy & I hope to see you again in 05!!!

Scott & Niko 


Niko in the snow!


Hi Shelley,

Big Joe is truly an amazing animal!



Big Joe!

Kathy (1)

Good Evening Shelley,  

First & foremost, it was delightful speaking with you yesterday.  You know, not only do I enjoy our time talking dogs, shows, etc., I so much enjoy the revelations of family, life & everyday banter.    

The King family has been a great source of camaraderie for me, it serves to purpose to be there when they are at their strongest, no?  Your expert advice on how to make little Orion a star was clear & concise, yet very compassionate, Shelley.  Thank you.  I am an ol' softy for the little man & I really want to give him what he deserves.  I am not too much into heavy competition, just want him to experience finishing, having some fun, doing the best that he can.  It would sure be great to share that with all of you..  Thank you again for the opportunity to belong.   I also think he would LOVE the ocean on a beautiful spring day.  So, guess you'll see us there.  Thanks again for your advice & always being there to help.   

Kathy & Orion


Angel and 5 month old Orion!

Anne (2)

Hi Shelley,

As you can see, Sabre loves the snow.  He digs in with his head and slides it along :-) !



Sabre playing in the snow 



Thanks for talking about Xena the other day, and I am eager to place my name on the list for an eligible male.  Also interested in a good tempered but extremely good guard dog. The breed is nice because the Kings aren't barkers but let you know if someone is there. Our Xena is almost too good natured as she loves to wage her tail at anyone going by!

Anyway, I look forward on hearing from you.

Thanks again,



Xena taking a snooze!

Diana (1)

Hi Shelley,  

Denali just turned 9 months and went in for his monthly weigh in. He is now 102.5 lbs. and in excellent condition. Here are a few pictures of him and Logan. Lisa is really happy with Logan, and Logan wants to go everywhere with her and whines if Lisa goes outside with out her. Denali likes her as long as he gets the most pets. Have a great year, I will keep you updated with pictures as our sweet Kings grow.  



Denali at 9 months!


Logan at 3 1/2 months!

Jean, Jeff & Josh (1)

Hi Shelley,

Happy New year to you and your family! We thought you might like to see an updated picture of Kona. He keeps getting more and more handsome and I can't go anywhere with him without people being so impressed with his good looks. As of yesterday, he weighed 48 pounds and is gaining about 3 pounds every week. Kona loves to get outside to run and frolic with Morgan - they both get absolutely wild when it's time to head "outside and play." We all piled into the truck this morning - Josh included since it's a snow day - and went up to an area with woods and big open fields. Kona absolutely loves being outside in all weather but I think he's especially fond of snow. It's wonderful to see him tear around with wild abandon. By the end of our trek his tongue was hanging out and he was ready for a snooze back home in his crate.

I have been continuing to socialize Kona and work on his obedience training. He's so smart and is learning so much. Not that he doesn't have his moments when he tests the limits, but given how young he still is, I'm totally amazed at how well he's doing. People are just enchanted by him and are also amazed at how well behaved he is. He's also going to "puppy romps" where we take him for training and he gets to meet lots of other dogs and play for an hour each week. Kona also meets lots of other dogs when we go for walks at a local state park. So far he's been very enthusiastic and not at all aggressive. We're still trying to get him to leave the cats alone which is tough since one of them is a big tease and taunts Kona. However, we are making progress and Kona is developing more self control - treats are a great motivator!

Thanks again for making it possible for us to welcome Kona into our lives. All our best wishes for a wonderful new year.

Jean, Jeff and Josh