Hi Shelley!  

Gypsy is an adorable girl.  She and Saxon are bonding very nicely, they genuinely like each other although Saxon has already learned the command "Let Her Be" and "Easy".  Feeding them is my challenge and they need constant supervision so Saxon does not crush her...  Exactly what you and Debbie told me to expect.  

Thank you again for being terrific and breeding such high quality puppies.  On Sunday we had about 10 people in one room and she was gentle and quiet and was happy to be passed around.  She follows Saxon and Paige everywhere and sleeps in her crate in Michael's room. Saxon is extremely indulgent and shares his toys, his dog bed and even his crate.  So far all is going very well!!  


Liz Ficarra


Liz's Girl, Gypsy!

Marc (1)

Shelley, I wanted to let you know the puppy is doing great. We named her Madison.

As I said on the phone, United did a great job with shipping. Her plane arrived 10 mins earlier than scheduled and when we arrived at the shipping desk, she was already there, less than 10 mins after the flight arrived at the gate!

Madison was happy and wagging her tail at the counter and when we opened the crate, she bounded out as happy as can be. I was truely amazed at how well she had taken the flight! We had an hour or so drive home at night, during which she sat in my wife's lap and looked out the window at the lights and napped.

Madison is absolutely beautiful with a fantastic personality and very smart. She is very lovable and curious. Not at all timid or afraid. She is still trying to get our 11 year old GSD to play with her, but with no success yet. Our old girl is warming up to her though and I expect she'll be playing with Madison soon.

I've attached a couple of pictures. We have two chickens and she delights in chasing them around the yard. She mastered the stairs yesterday and last night she slept thru the entire night without making a peep until the morning. She is a delight!

Thanks for choosing such a wonderful girl for us!



Madison at 9 weeks!

Kathy (2)

Hi Shelley,    

I was just hoping today finds you enjoying a little time with your beautiful family & sending some holiday cheer.  I wanted you to see what a handsome little guy Orion is, he is certainly everything you told me he would be, & more.  His place in my life is so incredibly special, he has indeed turned into a cuddler (my doing) & is slowly learning not to be a biter (kids doing).  His nature is mischievous, oh yes, but with Angel the pairing is heavenly!!!   He has been a godsend to Angel who as taken to him like a mother.  Thank you so much, again!    

Orion is going to school now, just manners & play time, is a little shy but excels in training, for his age.  We went into Chicago to the AKC Preliminaries (for the show in February) & he was outstanding in the hoards & hoards of people.  Seems like he is a people magnet, as we made our way through the "Oh my is he cute" & the "may I pet him?"  he did quite fine.  I personally think he had way too any treats, but he didn't mind (as he fell asleep in my arms for the finals).  I spoke with handlers from all over the world & even had him assessed by Phil, the man who owns Dallas.  In Chicago, Dallas is quite a familiar name & I was honored that this man took a liking to little Orion & me.  Orion got along with everyone & every dog he could nibble on & it was then I knew our future was good.  I am engaging in my practice of stewarding with more shows, it is an interesting field to discover & the people involved are committed & kind.  

Oh yes, I did decide to get another king, not a decision that surprised me.  Along the way, in a few years, we will add another, for sure.  It is the only way to go. Thank you again, hope all is well & thought you'd like to see Orion's latest.  

Happy Holidays to you, the kids, your mom & husband,  



Orion at 13 weeks!

Roni (2)

Hi Shelley,

I would like to thank you for a great puppy, we named her "Coco".  She is smart, beautiful and loving.  I attached a few pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Regards, Roni


Cocoa at 11 weeks!

Roberta (1)

Hi Shelley,

Attached is a photo of Ceilidh at 12 weeks.  She is growing and getting along nicely. She graduated from Kindergarten and is going to obedience in January. At 14 weeks she was 30 pounds. She is SMART and gets along well with people, kids, and other dogs. She still hasn't mastered that the cat is the ruler of the universe. She thinks that the cat really wants to play with her and can't understand why the cat doesn't like her. I mean, really, what's not to like. so much to learn.  Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.



Celilidh at 12 weeks!

John (4)

Hi Shelley,

Judah is doing great! Running around like crazy. My pit bull LOVES! him. They play like they have been together forever.

Both of his ears are up now and boy is he cute as ever. He is a big his where ever he goes. I brought him to where I work for a visit. Everyone here has been involved in the whole adoption process. I would have had about 40 or 50 people mad at me if I didn't bring him. He is growing already. He was 21.5 lbs on last Monday. He has gained more since then. I couldn't be happier with him!

Thanks for everything. I will be sending you some photos of him in a yellow rain coat soon.



Judah is his raincoat!

Jean, Jeff & Josh!

Hi Shelley,

It's hard to believe Kona is already 11 weeks old. He's growing so fast and just keeps getting more handsome every day. We're having lots of fun with him and he's proving to be very intelligent and quick to learn. Wherever we go people are very curious about him and think he is gorgeous. We've been going to puppy kindergarten and also taking every opportunity to socialize him with kids, adults and other dogs. Morgan, our Belgian Shepherd, is less than thrilled with his arrival, however, in the last week has started to play with him outside. It's wonderful to see them chasing each other. Two of our cats are keeping their distance from Kona, but Spot, the third and largest cat, will just sit and hold his ground while Kona bounces around. It's quite amusing to watch this interaction. Although Kona does have his moments of exuberance and playfulness, he is generally very laid back and has even slept through one of Josh's soccer games. People are amazed at how calm he is for a puppy.

We want to thank you again for all your help. Kona is such a wonderful addition to our family.

Jean, Jeff and Josh


Kona at 11 weeks!